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Total Body Iron Chelation in Patients With Severe Cardiac Iron Toxicity (T2* <10 ms)

T2* Improvements Above the 10-ms Severity Threshold in Patients With Severe Cardiac Iron Levels1
Severity Threshold
  • Three-year results of the EPIC cardiac substudy myocardial siderosis (N=101). The investigators assessed the efficacy and safety of EXJADE in removing myocardial iron in heavily transfused patients with β-thalassemia1
  • T2* threshold of 10 ms was crossed by 3 years1
  • 50% of patients with severe cardiac iron severity had improved T2* to mild-moderate severity (T2* >10-<20 ms)1

Heavy iron burden is reduced by EXJADE at dosages up to 40 mg/kg/day1

Continued LIC and Serum Ferritin Reductions Over 3 Years (n=24)1
Continued LIC & Serum Ferritin Reductions Over 3 Years
  • In EPIC cardiac substudy, reductions in serum ferritin were observed from baseline through 3 years of treatment1
  • The recommended initial dose of EXJADE is 20 mg/kg/day1
  • Dosages of EXJADE up to 40 mg/kg/day provided significant serum ferritin reductions3
  • EXJADE is approved at doses up to 40 mg/kg/day for patients not adequately controlled with doses of 30 mg/kg (eg, serum ferritin levels persistently above 2,500 µg/L and not showing a decreasing trend over time)2
  • Doses above 40 mg/kg are not recommended because there is only limited experience with doses above this level2

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