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EXJADE Prevents Cardiac Iron Loading in Patients Without Pre-existing Cardiac Iron Loading

Maintained Cardiac T2* for Those Without Pre-existing Cardiac Complications1
Maintained Cardiac Iron Loading

In the prevention arm (patients with normal myocardial iron) of the EPIC cardiac substudy1

  • After 12 months of treatment the T2* was 32.5 ms compared with 32.0 at baseline, demonstrating maintenance of normal cardiac iron levels
  • No patient with a myocardial T2* >20 ms at baseline had a value <20 ms at 1 year
  • A significant increase in LVEF from 67.7% at baseline to 69.6% (mean change 1.8%, P<0.001) was observed at 12 months

Published data have shown that EXJADE dosed at 30 to 40 mg/kg/day maintained cardiac function and significantly reduced total body iron2, 3, 4

  • EXJADE is approved at doses up to 40 mg/kg/day for patients not adequately controlled with doses of 30 mg/kg (eg, serum ferritin levels persistently above 2,500 µg/lL and not showing a decreasing trend over time)5
  • Doses above 40 mg/kg are not recommended because there is only limited experience with doses above this level5

Efficacy across clinical parameters1

Proven Clinical Efficacy

Resulting in a 30% reduction in hepatic iron1

Resulting in a 20% relative reduction in serum ferritin levels1

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