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LIC Increases With Age in NTDT

Mean LIC is higher as patients age1,2
NTDT Overview_Mean LIC Higher as Patients Age

*Between 1995 and 2003, liver biopsy was performed in 22 patients with thalassemia intermedia (a subset of NTDT). Fourteen of them had never been transfused and 8 had received only sporadic transfusions during infections or surgery (less than 10 blood units total). LIC was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy on liver biopsy samples and expressed in mg Fe/g dry weight.1

Data from this study were collected from 19 thalassemia intermedia (a subset of NTDT) and 19 age- and sex-matched thalassemia major patients. All patients were splenectomized, and all thalassemia intermedia patients were transfusion- and iron chelation-naïve. Direct determination of LIC was performed by R2 magnetic resonance imagery. The data represented above includes only thalassemia intermedia patients.2