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EXJADE Reduces Iron Toxicity
in Other Rare Anemias

Serum ferritin trends in rare anemia patients from the EPIC Study, the largest chelation trial to date1

In 2010, the 1-year EPIC study showed that EXJADE effectively reduced serum ferritin levels in patients with rare anemias who suffered from iron toxicity (n=43). These rare anemias primarily included pure red cell aplasia and other hemolytic anemias.1

Substantial Reduction in Serum Ferritin Levels1,2
EXJADE: Substantial Reduction in Serum Ferritin Levels

EXJADE has shown efficacy in reducing iron toxicity with decreased
liver iron concentration levels across rare anemias

In 2007, a 1-year study in patients across a range of anemias (N=184) showed that EXJADE reduced liver iron concentration in patients with other rare anemia patients, which included Fanconi's and sideroblastic anemia.3

EXJADE Reduces Liver Iron Concentration
in Patients With Rare Anemias2, 3
EXJADE: Reduction in LIC in Patients with Rare Anemias


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